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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Sangudo, Alberta to Edmonton, Alberta


Saturday August the seventh, two thousand and ten, was the day that I departed the campgrounds in the community of Sangudo, Alberta. I cycled up the hill from the campground to a Chinese restaurant and had breakfast. I asked for steamed rice instead of potatoes. The rice proved to be an excellent choice. The customers became interested in “The Holy Spirit Is Here” cycling trek, and all came outside to see what I was riding on from Fairbanks Alaska to the Florida Keys.  A few on lookers simply shook their heads and walked back inside the restaurant.

I cycled to the welcome center and  met the lady in charged, she was excited because she thought she had missed me. The evening before we agreed to meet at 10:00 am when she opened the center. Pictures were taken and I wrote a quick news release for her and I was again on my bike cycling out of a community.

I remember the welcome center representative waving as I rode off saying, “Bye Spirit Rider”,  I could hear her saying those words for many miles later, as I cycled toward Edmonton.

I called Pastor Peter

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Stewart in Edmonton, because he was my contact. I expressed that I would cycle as close to Edmonton that evening as possible and then on Sunday cycle into the city and to his church. I cycled within 18 to 20 miles of the city and called again, and was picked up. I needed the assistance, because of pushing myself to get as close as possible,  I didn’t care to cycle in the city traffic after approx. 2000 miles of Hwy.

Resting in a bed after a nice hot bath was heavenly. I slept  well and was made to feel at home by Melody and Peter.

Church on Sunday, I enjoy being in town where I can worship and praise the Lord God. I was given time to share my testimony that morning and again that evening.  A Philippine congregation has there service in the evening at the church. I was blessed in both services. God is good.

I will blog my Monday activities later.  Until then.

A servant of Jesus Christ, Lowell White-Spirit Rider

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  1. Grace Wallis says:

    Lowell my brother – thank you for today’s blessed blog! What an encouragement to read your testimony out loud – faith comes by hearing! I think we may need to make your blog into an audio book, complete with cycling sounds, moose call, worship music from various congregations, etc.

    Blessings upon you – rest well my brother!

    For the Glory of the King of Kings,
    Grace n Cary

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