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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Follow Lowell White as rides his bike from Palmdale to the Louisiana/Texas border. Lowell will be updating this on a regular basis. Listen to audio or watch video from the trip, or visit the live gallery to see pictures from the 2014 Spirit Ride.

Contact Creek,Fireside, and Coal River.


It has been a few days since I have blogged, and so much has taken place in the last few days. I will not try and recall all the animals I’ve seen on the road.

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Two nights ago I camped out in Contact Creek. I was talking to my wife on the telephone when a bear came on the property-Richard & Dennie Hair are the owners. They allowed me to set up my tent on to their property, and the bear was near where I was set-up. I was giving Evelyn a play by play of the activities. She heard Dennie say to her husband, ‘ scare the bear off ‘, and then she heard two loud shots over the phone while talkingto me. My wife was concerned  because of what she was hearing but could not see. I attempted to put her mind at ease. She would have to tell you if I did or not.

In Fireside I had a gentleman to meet, Craig was his name and his wife was deceased now for six weeks. He was still grieving, and the Lord use me to minister to him. Another Pastor and his wife stopped by from Fort Nelson, and we all had good fellowship and prayer. I was given an invitation to visit his church when I reach their area.

Today is 7/7/10, and I have been on this trek for one month today. There is a nature hot spring 30 mils down the hwy, and I must stop and heal my whole self.

This area of British Columbia is where one see’s Bison herds, ( prairie thunder) on the hwy, bear on the side of the road, and moose.

Well, I must go for now. I am staying close to Jesus to make this cycling trek from Fairbanks, AK  to the Florida keys.


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  1. Grace says:

    Wow Lowell, can you take camera phone (or camera) pics of the animals for your book? What a wonderful addition for all of us to see what you come across in your travels by way of nature. Missin you, Grace n Cary

  2. Robin Rodgers says:

    What an adventure. Lowell, Sherry and I are following you every day on your site. I am praying for your safety and your health. I am following you on google to see where you are.
    You are never alone, the Holy Spirit is with you!

    God Bless you!

    Robin Rodgers

  3. Wendy White says:

    Hi Daddy,

    Take some pictures of where you are so that I can visit threw your eyes. Deon and I continue to pray for your safety and guidance throughout your trek. I knew that you are doing what you enjoy and it means even more with a purpose behind the journey. So I say to you Daddy, Lowell, White-Side and “TC”, ride for your family, ride for your friends, and those that yet to receive and accept the Blessing of the Lord. I LOVE YOU.

  4. Peter & Renee Gillissen says:

    Lowell, we have set our home page on our browser with your site. We are watching you on your trek and you are in our prayers. Keep on keepin on!

  5. Micki Goodell says:

    Lowell, I think Mrs Evelyn is still worried about the bear because she told me to make sure I got on here and read “the one about the bear.” You better get you a slingshot and five smooth stones!

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