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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Follow Lowell White as rides his bike from Palmdale to the Louisiana/Texas border. Lowell will be updating this on a regular basis. Listen to audio or watch video from the trip, or visit the live gallery to see pictures from the 2014 Spirit Ride.

Spirit Rider Entering The State of New Mexico


It was a joy to see the sign that read, “Welcome to New Mexico, the land of enchantment.” I took a picture of the sign and continued cycling toward Gallup, New Mexico, before entering New Mexico I stopped at a stop called ‘Indian City’ and ate some Fry Bread with strawberries. Once I arrived in Gallup, NM, I secured a motel room and did a few chores.

The next morning I cycled downtown. Gallup has been called the most patriotic small town in America, I agree. Earl A. Rhoads III, Sr. Trial Attorney, came out of the courthouse and welcomed me to Gallup. He shared some history of his city, then gave me his card and said to call him if I needed anything.

I continued on to Red Rock Park, I was told the Mayor would be there to welcome the motorcycle riders, who were cycling from Rancho Cucamonga, enroute to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC. The Navajo Indian’s did ceremonial dancing. There were approximately 300 or more bikers crossing the country. I was embraced by many Navajo and Vet’s on bikes. The city of Gallup hosted the biker’s one day stay there.

While setting up camp, during the event, I talked with a gentlemen named, Dave Talley. Dave knew the Mayor and called him so we could meet; it did not happen that night . The next morning, however, before I broke camp Dave called,stating the Mayor apologized for last night. Dave came with truck and trailer that morning and picked up my bicycle (which was on a flat) and myself. I was taken to where the biker’s were preparing to depart. The mayor came over and welcomed me to the city. Since my bicycle was strapped on the rescue trailer and the biker’s were about to leave; I was told by Dave Talley, “We are enlisting you as part of the support team.
I traveled from Gallup on I-40 approximately 126 miles, which I will make up by continuing my trek beyond the border of Texas/Louisiana to 126 miles into Louisiana.

New Orleans is approximately 270 miles from the Texas/Louisiana border I will be in prayer about New Orleans. I will end for now.

Spirit Rider

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